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Aspelta, King of Kush (ca. 600-580 BC)

Aspelta is one of the best known kings of Kush. Although his exact dates are not known, he probably came to throne about 600 BC and died about twenty years later. He is thought to have been a great grandson of Taharqa, the last important Kushite ruler of Egypt (690-664 BC). Aspelta left many inscriptions, and he seems to have been the last of the Kushite kings actively to make plans to re-conquer Egypt. His scheme must have been discovered prematurely, for Kush was invaded in 593 BC by an army of the Egyptian king, Psammeticus II (ca. 594-588 BC). Aspelta’s armies were defeated; the holy city of Napata was attacked and burned; and Aspelta fled to his southern capital Meroe, which henceforth became the chief royal residence of Kush. Aspelta is known to have constructed temples there, and fragments of his statues have been found as far south as Khartoum. His pyramid tomb at Nuri was the finest built during the Napatan period.


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